National Youth Violence Prevention Week!

National Youth Violence Prevention Week raises awareness and educates youth and communities on effective strategies to prevent youth violence before it happens. 60% of American children are exposed to violence, crime, or abuse in their homes, schools, and communities.

Activities to try….

Monday, April 8th….

  • Know the signs and save the day
  • Warning signs of possible self harm or violence include strong fascination/obsession with firearms/weapons, excessive study of firearms, excessive over the top reactions or aggressive behavior over seemingly minor reasons, gestures of violence, low aspirations towards school, be a victim of long term bullying, extreme feelings of isolation, social withdrawal, easy access to firearms – or bragging about easy access to firearms, and making overt threats or gestures of violence.
  • If you notices these signs in someone, please tell a trusted in adult in school, law enforcement, or a mental health professional. Please take it seriously and act immediately!

Tuesday, April 9th….

  • Promote respect and tolerance
  • Mix it up! Sit with someone new at lunch today.
  • Embrace your unique self. What do you love that’s special about you?
  • Take a selfie with a new friend!

Wednesday, April 10th….

  • Be an upstander!
  • An upstander is someone who stands up for someone else, usually against a bully of some sort.
  • Celebrate the people in your life that help keep you safe!
  • Look up famous upstanders in history. You may find some new heroes.
  • Pledge to be an upstander.

Thursday, April 11th…

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully with super human strength!
  • Don’t let anger heat you up.
  • It’s not weak to walk away.
  • Keep the peace between your friends.
  • Be mindful of your own actions.

Friday, April 12th….

  • Unite in Action!
  • Recruit others to help you keep the peace and take a stand against violence.
  • Organize a peaceful project for your community.
  • Partner up with a mentor to encourage you and keep you on track.

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